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“Just Take That Darned Shower!”: Essential Steps to Activating Energy to Get Moving

Depression Energy goal setting motherhood new mom pregnancy procrastination weight gain weight loss workouts

My 90+ lb pregnancy weight gain literally weighed me down even with half of it gone. Everything just felt harder. I just could not believe my loss of control and felt helpless to get out.

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Improve your weight loss goals, mood, blood pressure, and overall health in this one easy step

blood pressure cdc goal health healthy living national sleep foundation New Year New Year Resolution obesity resolution sleep sleep study weight weight loss

In case you haven’t noticed, we seem to be running at higher speeds than ever. We are used to more automation, immediate gratification, and quick fixes. But there’s a key element to health and well-being that we just cannot rush.

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Ditch the Dryer Sheets! Be Free and Green Without Sacrificing a Single Thing

dryer sheets ecofriendly good health green home Health healthy living herbal home herbs home lavender organic reusable dryer sheets

It's been 20 years since I stopped using these products specifically, the dryer sheets and commercial fabric softeners.  I haven't missed them one bit.

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Get Healthier Without Making a New Year Resolution!

bouillon clean out your pantry good health Health healthy living new year resolution organic vegetables

In today’s world, part of having good health requires control over all aspects of the food you eat balanced with time and resources.  The more factors you can control the better off you will be. 

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Big Cyber Sale Get 10% off plus Free Shipping!

10% off Black Friday Cyber Monday Free Shipping Sale Small Business Saturday

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