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Thompson Street Farm LLC — eating fresh greens

Pine Trees and their Medicinal Uses

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  As a child growing up in California, I loved to hear the breeze through the Ponderosa pines. Because these trees are so tall (over 230 feet high), there is a distinct sound that I’ve not heard in any other forest that I've walked through.  That airy sound of the breeze through the trees is what I miss most about my home state.  Then there is the smell of pine, which makes me feel refreshed, calm and at peace. Until recently I didn’t know that pine (all species) have medicinal properties which have been used for centuries by Native American tribes. Native American’s...

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Fresh Chopped Green Onions

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I always leave plenty of green onions to overwinter in the garden because, in the spring, it’s a treat to be able to go out and harvest them to add to my salad and/ or salad dressings. Over the years, I’ve created a few short cuts so I have onions ready to go into whatever I’m making. Chop by hand If you don’t want to chop the onions by hand, an easier way is to chop them in a food processor – the goal is to chop the greens into small pieces. The food processor chops the onion into really...

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Waiting for Spring

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It’s been a cold and icy winter here in Connecticut and we are making the best of it with warm cozy fires in the evenings and bundling up with layers of sweaters and wool socks if we have to go out.  On the other hand, my poor cat has had it with the cold temps that keep him inside more than he wants to be and we start hearing about it from him when mid- January rolls around.  We’ve learned how to speak cat during these cold winter months.  He is very vocal and expressive when he's not happy. However,...

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Turnips get a Bad Rap

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There are a few vegetables that I refuse to eat and butter beans is on the top of my list!  My Mother is an awesome cook but sometimes she missed the mark on some of her creations.  She used to make a dreadful dish consisting of several cans of butter beans (including the liquid) dumped into a round glass casserole dish, layering bacon on top and baking it.  The mere smell of it made me sick to my stomach and I hated that dish so much that, at times, I refused to eat.   The turnip was, for reasons I...

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Why is Supporting Local Businesses so Important

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  Today Thompson Street Farm is participating in Small Business Saturday at the Glastonbury Farmers Holiday Market (Market is open every Saturday through December 20th) at The Old Cider Mill 1287 Main Street Glastonbury 10 am - 1 pm.  So why is supporting small businesses so important?  Here are 12 reasons why... Why is shopping locally so important?  You support local businesses. You protect the character of our community. You keep local dollars in the community. You help protect the environment (factory farm food uses a lot of resources) You help create jobs. You increase your home value (yes, towns with...

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