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Anatomy of TSF Soap

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 I’m always humbled and grateful when asked to speak about what I do here on Thompson Street Farm.  This week I was the speaker at a local garden club here in town and I have to say what a wonderful group of ladies! I understand there are 5 garden clubs in town, and this particular club has been together for over 30 years.  Can you imagine how much knowledge and experience there was sitting in that room! How cool! After my presentation on growing micro-greens, a sweet woman asked about how I made my soaps. She identifies handmade soap to her...

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Strawberry and Chia Seed Pudding - Recipe Review

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" I love pudding but unfortunately puddings made with any kind of mammal milk do not like me.  Over the years I've developed an allergy to milk.  If I ignore the allergy I pay dearly for it with a serious sinus infection and fever blisters.  Those who know me well can always tell when I've cheated - the signs are always on my face.  Its not pretty... Not being able to enjoy milk products has been a major bummer for me, as I love artisan cheese, milk, ice-cream, fresh yogurt, puddings and thing else made with milk.  So when I saw this...

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Home Spa Day - Avocado and Olive Oil Hair Treatment

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Winter is a time for me to regroup, do research and experiment with new ideas.  This winter is no exception.  Since the first of the year, I've been testing all kind of things for possible new product lines and launching new projects (this blog is one of those projects!). The biggest project is the renovation and conversion of my green house into a commercial aquaponic operation.  I've hired a start up company call Fresh Farm Aquaponics  to install the system and teach me how to use it.  More on them and the new system in upcoming posts. My other projects include expanding my all natural herbal soap line and developing a...

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