Fresh Chopped Green Onions

July 5, 2014 004 I always leave plenty of green onions to overwinter in the garden because, in the spring, it’s a treat to be able to go out and harvest them to add to my salad and/ or salad dressings. Over the years, I’ve created a few short cuts so I have onions ready to go into whatever I’m making. July 5, 2014 014 Chop by hand July 5, 2014 070 If you don’t want to chop the onions by hand, an easier way is to chop them in a food processor – the goal is to chop the greens into small pieces. July 5, 2014 077 The food processor chops the onion into really fine pieces. July 5, 2014 012 July 5, 2014 020 Finely chopped onions make great additions to salad dressings. July 5, 2014 023 They are perfect to add to add to hamburger or meatloaf dishes. July 5, 2014 032 Chopped onions are also perfect in a fresh salad. July 5, 2014 019 Fresh green onions in a container store well in the refrigerator so they are always ready when I need them.


Yum! I love green onions, looking forward to creating a garden at our new house so I can enjoy freshly picked foods. Thanks for the ideas on incorporating green onions into a variety of recipes!

Alyssa August 11, 2020

Wow… Such fresh photos! Yummy post!

Candy Sweeney August 11, 2020

Yum, I love green onions. I grow chives and in the summer cut them fine and freeze them for use all year. Your corn salad looks great too.

Cindy Jones August 11, 2020

I found them to stay in the fridge for several weeks. You can also fill a ice-cube tray with the minced onion and freeze them. When you need a hit of fresh onion just pop a cube out and let it defrost. Don’t fill the ice-cube tray with water – just the onion pulp. I do this with basil and anything else I need a little bit of fresh herbs, veggie or fruit.

Thompson Street Farm August 11, 2020

Great photos! The corn salad does look delicious! Can’t wait for the recipe in a future post. :)
How long would you say the fresh green onions will stay good in the fridge?

Jamie August 11, 2020

Thanks! If you get stuck or need someone to help you troubleshoot building your garden feel free to contact me. I teach backyard urban farming and help people all the time.

Thompson Street Farm August 11, 2020

Thanks! The corn salad tastes as good as it looks!

Thompson Street Farm August 11, 2020

Hi Cindy – that salad is out of this world. I’ll share the recipe in a later posting. Its super simple to make and I love adding different types of microgreens to it.

Thompson Street Farm August 11, 2020

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