My philosophy is to live a locally focused naturally beautiful life, a lifestyle choice that is infused into the products I make. The ingredients are locally grown and/or acquired and are as basic and pure as nature itself. Each bar is full of fragrant aromatics that provide a rich moisturizing lather with no artificial colors or preservatives added - naturally beautiful!

We use only the best ingredients:

  • Herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables - all organic and grown on our farm or acquired locally.
  • Honey – locally produced.
  • Goats Milk - locally produced.
  • Olive Oil - known for its rich moisturizing properties.
  • Coconut Oil - characterized by its rich lather.
  • Sunflower Oil - containing a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E with a rich lather that has wonderful conditioning properties.
  • Safflower Oil - known for its rich lather and conditioning properties.
  • Avocado Oil (Sea Salt Soaps only) – is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E.
  • Lye - purchased from a local independent hardware store. Why? Because you can’t have soap without lye and buying local is better! 

I knew I wanted my soap to have at least 2 oils that were great for skin, olive oil, and coconut oil. After weeks of research, my first generation master soap recipe was born and it was a Mediterranean inspired blend using 4 oils and raw goats’ milk. During my research, I learned there is a minefield related to certain common ingredients in soap making. The biggest one is palm oil, and the atrocities associated with the destruction of rainforests to meet the world’s demand for oil.

I admit, my soaps are not for everyone, but I can honestly say I try to be socially conscious and intentional on where my ingredients are sourced. It is important to my daughter’s well being and to me. I want to create a product that is safe; with no chemicals or preservatives.