Our names are Brenda and Paul Sullivan, and we are the owners of a small herb farm in South Glastonbury, CT. Together with our daughter, Katie, we have substantially relied on homegrown herbs throughout the years. While these days we enjoy a natural lifestyle, our journey from garden enthusiasts to full blown herb farmers wasn’t an easy one.

A love of plants is one of the things that drew Paul and I together early on in our relationship. From root to flower, we enjoyed getting to know every aspect of a plant in order to help it grow to its’ fullest potential. What started as a mutual hobby has blossomed into a shared passion project from which we derive great meaning and pride. However, It wasn’t until we had our daughter Katie that we knew the true power that exists in naturally grown ingredients.

Katie was born with severe developmental disabilities that presented itself with a wide array of additional health issues. Included in her afflictions was an extreme sensitivity to harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. It didn’t matter which commercial soap I used, her skin would always become red and irritated! After a long battle to find the right products for our daughter’s sensitivity, we decided to look for a more familiar alternative.

That is when I was introduced to goat’s milk soap. For some reason, the naturally gentle properties of this product seemed to agree with Katie’s skin and I began to regularly purchase goat’s milk soap for our family’s cleaning routine. When Wholefoods moved to town, the small independent health food store went out of business and suddenly my local source for handcrafted goat’s milk soap dried up. The good news is, soap making became more popular on the internet, and with YouTube at my fingertips, I decided it was time to take control of our soap supply and learn how to make it ourselves.

Nowadays we have all the soap we could ever need, and instead of going to the store, we look to the land as a source of cleansing. Katie is much better these days thanks to natural living and years of therapy. As for us, we know firsthand how these gentler products can impact a person’s life, and we want to share the transformative power of natural living with you.

Thank you,

Brenda, Paul & Katie Bug 

If you've purchased one of our soaps, you may have noticed the small bug on the side of the label. This little detail was created as a tribute to our daughter, Katie, or "Katie Bug" as we like to call her. Thank you for continuing to brighten our lives Katie bug!