My husband, Paul, and I own a few acres in South Glastonbury Connecticut and our farm is called Thompson Street Farm LLC. We grow lavender, medicinal herbs, flowers in 22 raised beds.

We grow all kinds of plants on our farm, but our primary crop is lavender. These sweet smelling purple buds blossom in late spring and we harvest them during the summer. Once they're dried we separate the buds to use in our recipes. The reason we love this plant so much is because, in addition to its wonderful aroma, lavender is considered by many to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It has also been known to help treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

Some of the other plants we grow include calendula, rosemary, and mint, to name a few. We love trying to understand as much as we can about the herbs we grow so we can include the highest quality ingredients into our products.

After discovering the wonderful benefits of herbs, I wanted a deeper understanding of their health benefits. I feel fortunate that I found the Herbal Academy, located in Boston MA, and I have over 350+ academic hours of herbal study with a focus on anatomy/physiology and botany.I’ve also published several books, including my latest book “My Garden Journal: A How To Garden Book For Kids’’. And if there wasn’t enough on my plate, I produce a podcast called Living and Lovin Herbs. It’s a lifestyle show about how to enhance your life with herbs.