How I make our Lavender Face Mist

 I make an incredible lavender face mist! It's perfect for those ladies that are a bit stressed - spritz your face and sit for a minute or two, close your eyes and just breathe. I'll be posting a podcast about self-care and what that means with Theresa Walsh Velendzas on my Living and Lovin Herbs Podcast in the coming days.

Theresa Walsh Velendzas goes through a mindfulness exercise with me in my garden. We also made 5-minute meditation audio that will be available on both our websites.

I use it every morning to add moisture to my face. If you're having hot flashes - this is all you need to cool yourself down.

Here is a quick little video I did on how I make hydrosols. This process dates back thousands of years. I am continuing this ancient herbal tradition (although on a smaller scale). Enjoy the video and its music.


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