Improve your weight loss goals, mood, blood pressure, and overall health in this one easy step

In case you haven’t noticed, we seem to be running at higher speeds than ever. We are used to more automation, immediate gratification, and quick fixes. But there’s a key element to health and well-being that we just cannot rush. And if you are not doing this you are limiting your results to weight loss and your overall health improvement goals. I know that New Year’s Resolutions are about doing more, but in a way, here, you get to do less, for more. How about some sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation recently took in data from scientist across the health field spectrum and revised sleep times by age. Among several age group recommendations, they report that people aged 26-64 should ideally sleep 7-9 hours per night. I don’t know a lot of people who report sleeping 9 hours a night, do you?


The CDC has reported a decrease in overall sleep time among groups that are also experiencing increasing obesity levels. Obesity rates have been consistently growing for the past 20+ years. And even though thankfully Connecticut is still rated pretty low on the list of 50 states, we are still part of that trend. So what is happening? One thing might just be our sleep.

Given that this is prime time for New Year’s Resolutions, try incorporating this one new thing to help you along the way. With better sleep, you are almost guaranteed those results you are working so hard for whether you have started a diet, a fitness regiment or embarked on that new goal.


Some helpful tips to ensuring a good sleep schedule:

  1. Set a schedule. This is important. If your body gets into a schedule for sleep it will become second nature. Sure, we might know this, after all we are parents, right? Ok now, do it. Set your schedule in your daily calendar.


  1. Create an environment for success. Remove tablets, computers or screen from your bedroom and establish a more relaxing bedtime ritual. It doesn’t have to be long. Some favorites for me: 10 minutes of yoga stretches, a warm shower, 2 minute hand & foot massage with my favorite balm, a good book.


  1. A daily, consistent exercise program will aid sleep and help regulate your quality of sleep.


  1. Food and drink. Avoid sugar and caffeine in the late afternoon. Have a cut off time that will not interfere with your sleep.


  1. Consider this relaxation exercise as a way to turn clear away distractions and refocus on what is important to you.


Also, key is avoiding quick-fix diets and over exercising. It’s one thing to challenge yourself and quite another to shock your system into yo-yo cycles. Consistency is key. Exercise for your body, cut out the junk in your diet, use products with pure ingredients, and recharge. Some things we just need to sit and wait for so why not enjoy this needed time to relax. It’s as important as food and water, oh and fun. Go ahead, tuck yourself in.

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