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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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Over the last few weeks I’ve seen many postings using natural dyes for Easter Eggs.  The pictures are beautiful and I wondered if I could get my eggs to turn out as nice as the pictures.  Over all I had mixed results.  Some colors were the same as the pictures - other colors I didn't come close. If you want to try naturally dyeing eggs here are two important things to know before you start: Natural dyes are not going to be as vibrant as commercial dyes. The process will take hours - at least a 1/2 a day or more. But...

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Strawberry and Chia Seed Pudding - Recipe Review

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" I love pudding but unfortunately puddings made with any kind of mammal milk do not like me.  Over the years I've developed an allergy to milk.  If I ignore the allergy I pay dearly for it with a serious sinus infection and fever blisters.  Those who know me well can always tell when I've cheated - the signs are always on my face.  Its not pretty... Not being able to enjoy milk products has been a major bummer for me, as I love artisan cheese, milk, ice-cream, fresh yogurt, puddings and thing else made with milk.  So when I saw this...

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Fresh Chopped Green Onions

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I always leave plenty of green onions to overwinter in the garden because, in the spring, it’s a treat to be able to go out and harvest them to add to my salad and/ or salad dressings. Over the years, I’ve created a few short cuts so I have onions ready to go into whatever I’m making. Chop by hand If you don’t want to chop the onions by hand, an easier way is to chop them in a food processor – the goal is to chop the greens into small pieces. The food processor chops the onion into really...

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Turnips get a Bad Rap

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There are a few vegetables that I refuse to eat and butter beans is on the top of my list!  My Mother is an awesome cook but sometimes she missed the mark on some of her creations.  She used to make a dreadful dish consisting of several cans of butter beans (including the liquid) dumped into a round glass casserole dish, layering bacon on top and baking it.  The mere smell of it made me sick to my stomach and I hated that dish so much that, at times, I refused to eat.   The turnip was, for reasons I...

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My Romance with Chocolate

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Yes, I admit it. I’ve been having a love affair with chocolate for a very long time.  My earliest memories are when I was a young girl sitting around the campfire somewhere in northern California burning my marshmallows into a charcoal stage and smashing it between a piece of Hershey’s chocolate bar and graham cracker squares.  Life didn’t get better than that! At that time, I was naïve about all the things you can do with chocolate.  In our house, we had chocolate candy bars and other pure chocolate candies (kisses etc.).  On occasion when fondue became a big rage...

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