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Vapor Rub with Menthol Crystals, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils

$ 11

This rub was created for those who suffer from seasonal allergies (or colds) and want to stay away from petroleum-based products. This rub has 3 key ingredients that come from the natural world including Menthol crystals made from mint, peppermint essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. In addition, the olive oil we use is infused with mint to help boost the presence of essential oils.

Mint is known for antibacterial healing oils. Menthol crystals are extracted by a natural process from “cornmint” (Mentha arvensis).  According to the Mountain Rose Herbs website, the distilled essential oil is chilled to a temperature of -22 degrees Celsius to isolate and crystallize the menthol.

Ingredients: Olive oil infused with mint, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, menthol crystals, blend of essential oils, vitamin E.

Legal Disclaimer: The information presented is for informational, reference and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a substitute for diagnosis and/or treatment. All health related questions should be directed to your healthcare provider.

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