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Garden Lovers Gift Crate

Farm to Bath

Garden Lovers Gift Crate

$ 27.00

Here's a darling gift for those who love to toil in the earth's soil. The herbs used in these products are known to help soothe irritated skin and would make the perfect gift to the Gardner in you life.

1 Lemongrass Goats Milk Soap

1 Gardners Balm

1 Farmers Secret Mini Travel Spray

1 Luffa Sponge


Lemongrass Soap Info: 

I starting growing this in my aquaponics green house in 2014 and since then it’s taken off like a weed. I am studying to become an herbalist and I chose an assignment of making lemongrass tea from scratch. After drinking a few cups, I decided to take the remaining tea and make a tea soap out of it. It’s been a fan favorite ever since and I have a hard time keeping it in stock.
Educational Information:
Lemongrass is known for multiple medicinal benefits including an antifungal, an antibacterial and a yeast inhibitor. It has Vitamin A, which makes it helpful for skin issues such as acne pimples. Lemongrass also helps to brighten the skin, clear up oily skin and it may improve poor body odor by controlling excessive sweating.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, goat’s milk, lemongrass, Lemongrass tea, essential oil.
Gardeners Balm Info: 

This is a wonderful balm for those who love to play in the dirt.  I’ve infused the olive oil with 2 herbs, comfrey, and plantain which are both grown on our property.  Both are known to help soothe irritated skin. Eucalyptus essential oil to help soothe bug bites.

        Educational Information:

The olive oil is infused with two herbs, plantain and comfrey, both of which are known to help soothe and heal irritated skin.  The plantain and comfrey are grown on our property and although I am not a USDA certified organic farmer, I follow the organic growers’ guidelines. 

 Ingredients: infused comfrey and plantain olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oil

Farmers Secret Travel Spray Info: 

There are certain scents that bugs just hate and I've created the perfect recipe to make sure they stay away. We've tested this spray on our hikes in the deep woods of CT and we were not bothered one bit by nats, black flies, mosquitos or ticks.   

Ingredients: vinegar, witch hazel, a blend of 5 essential oils, polysorbate 20

This product is made with natural ingredients so frequent sprays may be necessary.

Legal Disclaimer: 

The information presented is for informational, reference and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a substitute for a diagnosis and/or treatment. All health-related questions should be directed to your healthcare provider.

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